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Welcome to Genotox Laboratories

Genotox laboratories is dedicated to providing health care professionals with the information they need to smoothly initiate and then monitor certain medications. We are a CLIA certified high complexity lab utilizing two different methodologies ...We genetically test for variations in a patient's ability to metabolize certain drugs and also provide comprehensive urine drug screen confirmations .We utilize powerful liquid chromatography technology for quick sample turnaround assisting clinicians in their controlled substance medication monitoring programs. We serve pain physicians, family practice, internal medicine, psychiatry ,addiction specialists and recovery centers.

Our genetic testing and toxicology services

  • Help you avoid the "one drug fits all" trial and error approach by determining your patients genetic variation in metabolizing such classes of drugs like TCAs, SSRIs , benzodiazepines and opiates
  • Monitor patients compliance to a particular plan of care
  • Help alert physicians of possible overuse or diversion
  • Detect unprescribed medication that could lead to adverse events
  • Help identify possible doctor shoppers

Genotox will provide you with lab results that help you deliver a more personalized, patient centric prescribing and medication monitoring program.

Because a closer look today brings better care tomorrow.